Company Culture

LOGO interpretation:

¨ Logo: COK Bearing

¨ Logo meaning: like flame rising, representing thriving enterprise

¨ Orange: represent creativity, sunshine and vigour

Core values:

Achieve self-fulfillment, highlight nature, pursue perfection and create excellence

Corporate mission:

Providing professional high-end services, building excellent bearing brand

Corporate business philosophy:

Honesty creates the world, quality wins the market

Corporate service philosophy:

Honesty, quality, concentration, standardization

Corporate talent philosophy:

Create a platform for development and give full play to your talents

Hebei Cok Bearing Co., Ltd. has 248 sets of domestic advanced production equipment, covering the whole process of forging, casting, lathing, heat treatment, grinding and super-finishing and assembling.

Testing equipment: equipped with Accretech and Mitutoyo roundness tester, profilometer, coordinate measuring machine, roughness tester, projector, carbon and sulfur analyzer and other international leading measuring and detecting instruments and bearing lifespan testing machine under variable-load and variable-speed simulation conditions, bearing temperature rise and grease leakage tester, bearing pressure tester and other professional testing equipment.

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Manufacturing Base :Linxi County Industrial
Bearing Park,Xingtai City,Hebei Province,China
Operation Service Center Tel:+86-319-5122888

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